Several reasons for perfect start

For the fans that left the California game early, I apologize. For the fans that stayed and watched the entire game, thank you.
I would describe that game as boring, simple, and yet effective. Arizona did just enough at the end of the game to squeeze out a win. Victories like this would not have had the same result in past years.
During the 2008 football season, 28 points separated the Wildcats from an undefeated season. 2009 was a different story. 57 points was the total margin of defeat by the Wildcats, which also includes the 33-0 loss to Nebraska at the Holiday Bowl.
This year's team has yet to taste a loss and let's hope it stays that way, because nothing is given in college football but let's face it, Arizona needs a break. Arizona fans have seen a lot more bad than good in past years.
This season has been a bright spot for many faithful Wildcat fans. With a 4-0 start and a good spot in the rankings, the Cats will look to exceed expectations of many outsiders.
I would like to give some reasons why Arizona is undefeated at this point. Nick Foles, Juron Criner, a hefty amount of running backs, the 3rd best scoring defense in the country, and a head coach that is not okay with letting his players get complacent.
A good team must have a quarterback with poise, confidence, athleticism, good decision habits, and long hair like Tom Brady. If you cannot picture Nick Foles in everything I just described then you might want to focus on him the next time he takes the field.
For a quarterback to be successful he must have a wide receiver to bail him out sometimes. To some of those who stayed and watched the game they might have thought that Foles was throwing up a prayer.
Well if that was the case then Criner must be an angel from the sky to have pulled in that 51-yard bomb to set up his touchdown catch to seal the game.
Juron has come a long way from when he first stepped onto the Arizona campus. I have personally seen him change from what he was and I can see what he can be if he keeps his head on straight while continuing to work hard.
Everyone says that you have to use the run to set up the pass. I do not think that is the case when you have talent to mix up a defense like the Arizona running backs can.
Nic Grigsby is your homerun hitter with great moves and vision like an eagle. He can run inside or outside and catch the screen passes.
Keola Antolin is your one cut and straight up the field back, a great asset to have on third downs and when he is in space you better look out because with his low center of gravity, he can leave defenders on their backs or in the dust.
Greg Nwoko is your 18 wheeler coming in between the tackles to get the tough yards while also having the speed to get away from safeties and corners. Mixing these guys up is handful or any defense.
Defense is attitude, desire, and technique. The Cats defense is handling almost every teams' offense and sending them back to the drawing board. They fly around and are always in the right position which makes an offensive coordinator's job difficult.
One thing I have to point out is the dropped interception by Joseph Perkins. Granted he did make up for it at the end of the game when he snagged an interception at the end of the game.
What I don't understand is how you fumble with two hands on the ball at a critical moment in the game? I guess defensive guys aren't used to carrying the ball like Trevin Wade is.
That may also be the reason he has his own show. Of course it was my show first but he is doing a great job filling my cleats.
Enjoy the week off Wildcats and get healthy; you guys will need it for the angry Beavers.
Terrell Turner was a four-star starter for the Wildcats at wide receiver from 2006-09, helping turn around the UA program by catching 142 passes for 1618 yards and 9 touchdowns. Turner writes a weekly article for
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