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Mike Stoops talks personnel, Cal

On top of discussing the New Mexico game, at his weekly press conference on Monday, UA head coach Mike Stoops also spoke about his own personnel and Cal. Here are his thoughts on those two topics.
On potential personnel changes:
"Nothing drastic. We'll play the same (guys). We're healthy and I think we're going to go in with the same guys we had."
On last year's win over Cal:
"It was a big win. Anytime you can beat a Top 10 program, they're all big, but that is something we hadn't done in that program for years. Any time you beat a program like that you're doing some things right because they are a legitimate Top 10 program. They've done things awfully well and this years team is probably a more complete (team) than a year ago. They're explosive offensively and put a great deal of speed at every position that you can put on there. We're going to have our work cut out."
On stopping DeSean Jackson:
"I don't know if you stop him, like they say, you hope to contain him. He's very electrifying, every time he touches the ball he can go the distance. They weren't even trying to return the punt he took against Tennessee. That was a punt-safe look and he took it back. It's hard to believe on guy can make seven, eight, nine guys miss but he's the one guy that can probably do it."
On Earl Mitchell having a bigger role in short yardage situations:
"Yes, Earl is a very special guy that can play a lot of different positions. He'll continue to be a factor as we go through this. Rob Gronkowski, same thing."
On the running back depth chart:
"Nothing's changed really with our backs. They'll all play. Nick (Grigsby) has to become a more reliable player even though he's young. That's maturity, having to grow up and do things right is sometimes difficult for a young player. Nick just has to continue to grow in those roles. He'll continuously become a factor as we go through the season I think.
"Nick just has to become a more reliable player. When he does he'll get all those opportunities. There's a lot that goes into reliable. Nick has to continue to grow and if he does he'll be an outstanding player. He's trying with those areas. He's a very young player and having to do a lot of the things we're having him do is somewhat shocking to some kids. It takes time. He'll continue to grow as he goes through the season."
On the four players suspended:
"They'll be suspended indefinitely. We had four kids make very selfish and immature decisions and they'll pay the consequences. I'll allow them to practice but they won't partake in games or dressing situations… The timing of it is not great and what they did doesn't sit well with what we expect our players to do, that's for sure."
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