Julian picks up unexpected first offer

Quarterback prospect Michael Julian from Hilton Head, S.C. wasn't sure when his first offer was going to come, but Tuesday he got his answer when Rich Rodriguez and Arizona became the first to offer the 2013 recruit.
"It was great," he said. "I really don't know how the process works, so I didn't know when they (offers) would come in or if I was behind everybody else. Then when coach told me I got the offer, I was just happy and I was smiling.
"I just felt relieved and I felt awesome."
On top of being surprised to get his first offer, Julian was equally surprised that it came from a school clear across the country. However, the 6-foot-5 prospect does know a little bit about the coach who extended his offer.
"I've watched a little bit of Arizona football on TV," he said. "I've watched West Virginia a lot because I have family there, and I've watched a little of Michigan as well. So I know how he (Rodriguez) coaches and I understand what he's trying to accomplish with the spread and everything.
"So I understand a lot of that stuff already."
The tall signal caller has a unique frame for a dual-threat prospect, but he said his height doesn't hurt his ability to make plays with his feet.
"Well with my height, people probably think a tall person well he must not be very athletic," he said. "But I'm actually on the track team, so I have a little bit of speed. I feel like I can elude rushers and still be able to look downfield with my height. I've gotta put a little weight on, that's always something that every coach wants is somebody to be my height but also a little bit bigger than I am now.
"But I feel like I can use my feet to get away from the rush and make throws."
As for being thought of as a dual-threat prospect, Julian is so new to the process he isn't sure what to make of that title.
"Actually I didn't know I was that until I was told," he said. "If you look at my rushing stats, they're really not that good. But I actually do more, instead of just running, I probably do more of getting away from the pressure while still making the throw. Instead of just running from the pressure and gaining three yards, I still try to make the throw."
Julian was recently named the state of South Carolina's top quarterback in the class of 2013 by, and he feels that along with his new offer could bring him some more attention.
"I think Toledo and Bowling Green might be offering soon," he said. "I'm not sure yet. I talked to Clemson a little bit and I also talked to Charleston Southern, but other than that that's about it."
It is so early in the process for Julian that he's not sure what he wants to see in his future program, but it's something he hopes to think about soon.
"I actually don't," he said. "But the decision on which school I pick will be a decision made by me, my mom and coach Payne. I don't know what I want yet, we still have to figure all that out. We're just going to sit down and talk about what I want, what I need and what is best for me."
As for a timetable for a final decision, Julian still has to figure that out as well.
"I still haven't decided that yet," he said. "I still have to sit down with coach and talk about that. Like I said earlier, I don't know anything about the process. So we're going to sit down and figure what the best time would be to make a decision and all that stuff."
Like with many high school football players, Julian is a multi-sport athlete and he said being part of Hilton Head's track team was something that helped him significantly in the offseason.
"It was actually a huge part [of the offseason]," he said. "It was more than just staying in shape, we were actually going for the state title. I was part of the four-by-four team and we were a couple seconds off of first place, so we ended up getting second place in the state. It was huge being able to stay in shape because we were running everyday and lifting everyday, and just being physically active rather than just sitting at home playing video games.
"I was able to get up and run around."
Julian said his approach to the upcoming season will not change much, even after picking up an offer from a major college program.
"I still want to get after it as hard as I can," Julian said. "Continue to try and do the best that I can and to show any of the coaches who offer me that it was not the wrong decision. I don't want them to feel like it was a wrong decision. I want them to be like, 'Yeah, that's the guy who I have my offer to.'
"I want them to really want me personally, and I'm going to do my best"
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