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Hollis-Jefferson enjoys LBJ experience

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Some of the nation's top high school and college players were under one gym showcasing their talents last week at the LeBron James Skills Academy in Las Vegas. The "King" made several appearances at his camp running drills with the high school and colleges players, and he also joined in on the five-on-five action, too.
On the collegiate side, Arizona forward Rondae Hollis-Jefferson was joined by his new teammate Stanley Johnson at the event. The two Pac-12 standouts were pitted against one another for the many of the scrimmages. Hollis-Jefferson had the chance to show NBA scouts what he could do against the nation's best players.
"It's great to be a part of this experience with these guys, they're the best in the country," Hollis-Jefferson told GOAZCATS.com. "The competition allows us to see where we are at, and even though we won't play against so many great players on one team it's a good evaluation."
The young forward also was excited about the opportunity to be on the same court as James. Hollis-Jefferson did not get the chance to match up with him like his teammate Johnson did, but he still loved the idea of playing with one of the greatest basketball players around right now.
"It was pretty good to play with LeBron," Hollis-Jefferson said. "You saw him and Stanley go at it a little bit, and it was nice to see LeBron bring out his competitive side."
Coming into the camp, the Arizona forward was known as a defender that hustles on both ends of the floor, but lacks a consistent jump shot. After speaking to multiple NBA scouts, the consensus was that Hollis-Jefferson showed improvement in that area, but there is still a lot of work to be done.
Surprisingly, the Chester, PA native went a different route when he was asked what aspect of his game he wanted to show coaches that he can bring to the table.
"I wanted to show that I can be a facilitator," he said. "Last year, I was looked at as more of a defender, but I know my game and I know that I can facilitate and become an all-around player."
At this point Hollis-Jefferson's NBA aspirations are coming closer to reality. The 6-foot-7 forward stated in an interview last April that he wanted to be a lottery pick.
He is on his way to accomplishing his goal, and this upcoming season should see Hollis-Jefferson be in a much more prominent role.
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