LAS VEGAS — French big man Yohan Traore has earned himself plenty of buzz this spring, and he will be one prospect many college coaches keep an eye on this summer during the evaluation period. The 6-foot-11 recruit played his junior season at Prolific Prep in California, but he has been in the United State for less than a year.

Traore was one of the standout players at the Pangos All-American Camp this week as he showcased his ability to make plays around the basket as well as in transition. He also displayed a knack for being able to step away from the basket and connect on jump shots as well.

Traore is former teammates with incoming Arizona freshman Adama Bal, and he is someone on the radar for the Wildcats. reporter Kelly Horyczun caught up with the four-star prospect to discuss his adjustment to life and basketball in America plus the latest on the programs involved in his recruitment.

Watch the full video interview from the Pangos All-American Camp below.