Arizona offers first peek at new football uniforms

Arizona sure knows how to keep people waiting, but the football team also knows how to do it with a bit of flair.
For months, the plan to play in new uniforms next season has been a public matter that has drummed up plenty of discussion. What will they look like? Will it be as extravagant as some of the other uniforms in this generation's outlandish-equals-publicity era. After all, with Nike designing the uniforms, the Wildcats have the right company to make a statement.
And maybe that has been the thinking behind delaying the official unveil among the UA powers that be. But in athletic director Greg Byrne's weekly Wildcat Wednesday e-newsletter, the public received its long-awaited first glimpse of what looks to be a sleek, clean set of designs.
Arizona's signature "block A" logo is not an obnoxiously larger-than-normal size, don't worry, tradionalists.
The program released a 26-second teaser (see video above) of what appears to be four different combinations, but with the player model standing partly in the dark and a spotlight allowing for just enough of a peek at the new threads.
"I'm happy to say the wait is just about over," Byrne wrote in his newsletter. "We will release pictures and videos of the new uniforms very soon via social media and on"
From the looks of it, one combination will feature a white jersey top - complete with a gradient of red and blue on each sleeve - to go with red helmets and red pants.
The second design looks similar - although you cannot see the pants - but with a copper helmet and splash of color on Nike's signature swoosh. Could it be copper? Hard to tell, but that's what happens when you're left to look at one snippet and scan such otherwise irrelevant matters.
Last season, the Wildcats debuted the addition of the copper lids, a tribute to Arizona's copper industry, at home against Oregon State.
The third uniform is a blue model with what appears to be red lettering and numbers. The helmets are the traditional white domes.
Continuing the mystery color in pants to be used, a fourth top will be red with red helmets. Last season, the Wildcats use an all-red, top-to-bottom design against Arizona State. Perhaps UA will give the look another try.
And that concludes this edition - and, hopefully, the last - of Arizona's offseason fashion update. That is, of course, until the actual complete look at the uniforms. Let the countdown to the new-look Wildcats finally begin.
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