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Player snapshot: Analyzing Gordons potential

The NBA Draft is Thursday, and Arizona's Aaron Gordon is projected to be a lottery pick. Recent reports have the Celtics locked in on Gordon with the sixth pick.
I previously wrote an article explaining some draft possibilities for the Pac-12 freshman of the year, and in that piece I stated that his draft range started at the sixth pick and capped off at the 12th.
Some recent developments have created small-scaled disruption in a lot of mock drafts. Kansas center Joel Embiid recently underwent a foot procedure that probably bumped him down from the No. 1 overall selection. In the grand scheme of things, this really is not terrible news because the Cameroonian prospect will still be a lottery pick.
For Gordon, this can create a little bit of a stir in regards to his draft range. If Embiid were to slip past the first couple of teams, it would be safe to assume that organizations ranging from six and so on would start to re-evaluate their original plans.
If he is drafted in the 6-12 range or he falls a little lower, what would a team be receiving if they drafted Gordon?
Here is a closer look:
NBA Position: Forward (SF & PF)
Height: 6-9
Weight: 220 pounds
Offensive versatility
6-11.5 wingspan
Shooting touch
Defensive rebounding
Gordon has the potential to evolve into a standout NBA player. He has a work ethic that not many young kids possess. His basketball IQ is among one of the top in the draft, he is truly a student of the game.
Gordon lacks skills that with hard work and proper training can become one of his bigger strengths. His shooting touch will improve over time. The freshman standout is one of the younger players in the draft, which speaks volume to his ability to improve.
The Blake Griffin and Aaron Gordon comparisons are easy to make, but they are lazy. Yes, from a jumping and dunking standpoint, Griffin and Gordon compare. But from an overall skill set, they are very different players.
Gordon has a defensive aptitude that can help any team right away. He also is a great offensive rebounder that is deemed an undersized forward. Better comparisons are Shawn Marion and Kenneth Faried. The Marion comparison relates to Gordon's ability to control the offensive glass.
The Faried comparison fits more the standpoint that Gordon does not have a defined offensive skill set but he is a hard worker. Also, this is a better athletic comparison, too.
Overall, Gordon is the type of player to succeed because he's willing to work. The old saying "the first player in the gym and the last one to leave" applies to the projected lottery pick.
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