September 14, 2008

Two points of view from game

While leaving the press box and heading down to conduct interviews in the locker room I had the perfect column in mind. It's time for Arizona to grow up. It's time to become a football team that knows how to win games.

It's fifteen minutes after the Wildcats unthinkable loss to New Mexico and the perfect column has come to mind. Despite the loss the Wildcats finally get 'it'. They finally understand what it takes for a team to be successful over a full season .

Enough losing to inferior teams. It is time that Arizona football lives up to the hype and stops delivering disappointment after disappointment. Losing to New Mexico in back-to-back years is unacceptable.

For the first time I left a losing locker room thinking the loss was the best thing that happened to a team. The players finally understood what it takes to be winners.

Arizona football fans have been through enough and it's officially time to say this team will never make a bowl game. Not playing like this. No heart, no determination, no will power.

Every player that spoke said the same thing. 'We beat ourselves and we can't allow that to happen again. The concept that anyone can win on any given Saturday has finally sunk through,' just to dissect the quotes.

Arizona football is officially condemned to have more losing seasons over the next decade.

The players agreed a loss this early in the season is maybe what the doctor ordered. It doesn't hurt chances in the Pac-10 race, in fact, it may bolster this squad because in their first bump in the road they failed. They hit a roadblock without knowing how to power through it. They learned that tonight.

In a game where the Wildcats had a chance to prove the first two weeks were no fluke, they squandered an opportunity that could have legitimized who they are. Instead, we found out this is a team that can't win the necessary games.

Failure can be the best lesson learned.

The Lobos came in winless and desperate. They left victorious and wanting more.

What you won't get from reading these quotes is the attitude of the Wildcats after the game. You won't see the look in their eye that says 'we want more.' You won't see the attitude in their body language that for once didn't show disappointment, but anger.

Arizona entered cocky and confident. They left scratching their heads.

Angry because for the first time in a long time, Arizona didn't lose the game, they beat themselves. When was the last time you said that?

So let's just bury the hatchet now and forget a bowl game. This team is officially doomed.

And for a program that has been so down-ridden for the past 10 seasons, beating yourself early can be the best thing late.

This loss could set Arizona in one of two directions for the remaining nine games. Only time will tell which one comes to form.

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